Pit Snip, Chip and Chihuahua Program

The Pit Snip, Chip & Chihuahua Program was first designed as an incentive program to spay or neuter pit bull and pit bull mixes primarily from the unincorporated areas of Monterey County. Titled Pit Snip & Chip, the campaign was launched when statistics showed these dogs seemed to be increasing in number at the Monterey County Animal Services Center and was the breed most often euthanized. FoCAS recognized the need to proactively approach the problem of pit bull overpopulation and launched this targeted program. As a result, more than 200 pit bulls and pit bull mixes have been spayed and neutered in the County. In 2012, FoCAS expanded this program to include Chihuahua and Chihuahua mixes due to the overpopulation of these pets, and most recently expanded support for this program for the City of Salinas Shelter.

Animals are selected for this program based on referrals from the community, by animal control officers or by shelter staff when dogs are reclaimed. The costs of the surgeries and micro-chipping are completely covered by FoCAS while owners must agree to pay for rabies vaccinations, dog licensing, and the registration of the micro-chip. The success of the program has exceeded all expectations, and FoCAS is committed to both continuing and expanding this program.

Mobile Spay/Neuter Outreach

FoCAS began its “Mobile Spay/Neuter Outreach” by focusing on the far reaching areas of Southern Monterey County. Working in partnership with the Humane Society’s Rural Area Veterinary Services (RAVS) program, the first two spay/neuter clinics were held in in Lockwood, some 30 miles from the nearest veterinarian. These clinics brought low-cost spay/neuter and general medical services directly to rural residents, alleviating the issues of distance and facilities that they often face. FoCAS continues to work with local veterinarians and organizations to implement clinics in other areas of Monterey County that represent similar challenges in geography and economics. You can see photos these events in our FoCAS in Action section.

Pets for Seniors Program

FoCAS’s pets for seniors program is PAWS – Pets Are Wonderful Support. PAWS takes aim at a serious problem that the elderly face – loneliness. In 2008, FoCAS established PAWS to address this. Through this program, seniors 60 and older in the Monterey County area can enjoy the love of a pet despite living on a fixed or limited income. PAWS covers all costs of adoption of an adult-aged pet (including initial immunizations, spay/neuter and licensing fees) and provides a $400 annual subsidy to help cover the costs of responsible pet ownership.

Reduced Fee Adoptions

To help those wishing to adopt a pet during difficult economic times, FoCAS periodically defrays the costs of pet adoption at the request of local animal shelters. This assistance has resulted in hundreds of happy endings for shelter pets.

Feline AIDS Testing

Feline AIDS is the number one killer of cats. It is highly contagious and there is no known cure. To prevent the adoption of sick animals, FoCAS funds the tests for this disease for every cat that is available for adoption at both Monterey County Animals Services Center and City of Salinas Shelter.

Shelter Support

shelterphotographyFoCAS provides for unique needs and services at animal shelters that public funds cannot cover. Compassion workshops for shelter staff, advertising of adoptable animals, post-adoption training for pet owners, and emergency needs are just some of the projects we support.